New Zealand Hunting Lodge


Your home away from home

Many luxury hunting lodges, world-wide, are closed and mothballed for their off-season, not so Manuka Point Lodge, for this New Zealand hunting lodge is indeed Don and Julie Patterson’s permanent home. The fact that it is a family home and not a basically commercial seasonal accommodation facility is immediately apparent with the warm and welcoming atmosphere, the lived-in feeling of the place, the immediate feeling that you are welcomed into the lodge more as a family member or close friend, than a customer. Manuka Point Lodge has all modern facilities expected in a luxury safari lodge, lacking nothing despite the fact it is located in wilderness and surrounded by rivers, serrated alpine peaks; lower slopes clothed in primeval forest and Manuka brush.

Each of five guest rooms has their own private ensuite, the lounge has a large fire and nothing has been spared in this remarkable luxury safari lodge, to enhance your feeling of being on vacation with ‘family’.

Despite the remoteness Manuka Point Lodge has telephone, fax, Internet, wireless satellite, broadband satellite, satellite television.

UNIQUE – The word ‘unique’ is often used to describe something, often inaccurately, for the word simply means unmatched. Manuka Point Lodge is unmatched in New Zealand for it is the only New Zealand luxury hunting lodge where the four prime species of game abound, a big game bastion for: GOLD MEDAL trophy Red stag, Fallow deer, majestic bull Tahr and agile Chamois are hunted in the mountains within view of the lodge. A short walk from the lodge at day break and you’ll likely sight some New Zealand game.

Upon departing Manuka Point Lodge James (Jim) Jay Baker said:-

“…..and may we remain friends forever.”

Do you have any questions about hunting in New Zealand or at Manuka Point?

Contact Don Patterson – owner of Manuka Point Lodge; Professional Hunter, Outfitter and Host.

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