Colorado Buck at manuka point

Colorado Buck

With the all the excitement of the annual SCI show now behind us, we have had time to think about the many good friends we have made over the years on our many visits State side.

Colorado Buck is not only famous within the hunting community but one of the people we are proud to call a close friend.

We have dug this video out of our archives for you to enjoy.

This video covers spot and stalk on Gold Medal Red Stag, Elk and the ever elusive South Pacific White Tail Buck. State side the White Tail is common but here in New Zealand they are one of the rarest and consequently hardest hunts. I think Colorado sums it up best in the video.

This video has been published on our new website, you can find it under the gallery section. Or you can click the link below to play it directly on YouTube. Please take the time to have a look through the new image galleries, these contain some of our latest photos.

Please enjoy and feel free to share with all your family & friends.

Hunt well and talk soon.
Don Patterson