Hunting in New Zealand


Don Patterson – current member of; Safari Club International SCI Master MeasurerDallas Safari ClubInternational Professional Hunters Association and Past President of New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association is owner of Manuka Point Lodge; your outfitter, guide and host. Upon Don’s shoulders rest the responsibility to ensure your New Zealand hunt is totally successful in every respect. Some men (and women) are born hunters, Don is such a man, but in addition is his continual insistence that not a single over-looked detail in any way detracts from your hunt being a total success. His axiom is that each hunter he guides is his most important client.

University Graduate – Don graduated from Lincoln College (University) in 1981 with a Diploma of Agriculture with specialisation in animal science and conservation. The knowledge he acquired at Lincoln has helped him in developing his programme of game management with the primary aim being to improve the trophy game quality at Manuka Point. This success is amply illustrated when we view photos of the game trophies the hunting gentry secured those years ago and the photos of recent Manuka Point trophy Red deer hunted by recent clients.

“While here in New Zealand, I promise you the very best trophy hunting experience imaginable.”
– Don W.C. Patterson 

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