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Bow hunting is steeped in tradition with bow’s being prominent in the some of the earliest recorded hunt’s in history dating back over 64,000 years ago.

Today with the development of modern compound Bow’s this style of hunting has been refined and bought back to life.

In New Zealand Bow Hunting season runs from mid February through to August and guests are welcome to try this challenging form of hunting. Local law allow Bow Hunts to backed up by firearms allowing for the most ethical Bow Trophy Hunts. Working as a team with one of our experienced guides involves a strategy of spot and stalk and in some instances the use of temporary blinds. Your skills, along with those of your guide, will present you with opportunities of shots of up to 50 yards. Compound bows of 65 – 70 pounds are preferred and are the perfect choice for our largest and toughest game.

We recommend fixed broadheads, no mechanicals and request that you bring your own range finder. Our guides will go the extra mile to ensure your hunt is one you will never forget.

Photo inset – Mike Martin Jr. achieved the impossible with a 35 yard running shot to secure his SCI #2 Chamois. It was a privilege to witness this ground-breaking event together; one which we will delight in sharing with our grandchildren in years to come

Bow hunting New Zealand

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