Many years ago an International conservation conference was held in the city of Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand. At the end of five days of deliberation by the three hundred attendees the conference was at an impasse for after a full week of discussions and deliberations they’d not been able to decide on a universal description of conservation.

Conservation has a different meaning to different countries, different populations, and different ethnic groups. A person living on the sixtieth floor of a sky scraper in New York City has a totally different concept of conservation to a native living in a grass hut in Africa on the edge of a vast wilderness.

It is likely that civilization will never arrive at a universal description of conservation for maybe a thousand well-thought out descriptions will apply to a thousand different locations/scenarios?

Collectively we New Zealanders are agreed on the basis of conservation within our country, with landscape, flora, native birds, waterways, water quality in our lakes and rivers, plus the ocean surrounding us, being our primary concerns.

‘Team Patterson’ at Manuka Point Lodge sincerely embrace all the principles of conservation of our homeland, with the added personal responsibility of conserving and managing the significant game animal resource at Manuka Point we nurture and hunt. We see it as our full responsibility to practice good range management and effective animal husbandry, always aware of the synergy of range and herbivorous being in balance. It’s so simple, a healthy range produces healthy game; prevent adverse effect on the range and healthy quality trophies are the automatic result.

In carrying out this conservation/management we, at Manuka Point Lodge carefully select which aged adult males will be hunted annually as trophies and in addition we selectively control numbers. Remember, we are THE custodians for the current and future generations.

A conservation feature of Manuka Point Lodge is the heating system that uses the Earths energy to heat the building. Accessible, reliable and renewable; read more:

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