Red Stag Hunting


Under Don’s game management plan, which includes judicial selection, Manuka Point is continually producing bigger and higher scoring SCI trophy Red stags.

Obviously Don’s qualification from Lincoln College has provided him with the knowledge and applied skills to manage the resident herd of Red deer to maximise trophy quality for future trophy hunters spending time at Manuka Point.

A mature New Zealand Red stag deer will stand about four feet high at the shoulder and may weigh up to a whopping 600 lb live weight.

What is a trophy New Zealand Red stag?  Do you want high SCI Score, many points, mass, length of beam symmetry, or all of these? You need to be aware that no two sets of Red stag deer antlers are the same. Be sure to give your outfitter, Don Patterson a clear understanding of your wishes.  Members of the ‘Patterson Team’ are only too happy to have you look over a number of New Zealand Red stags before making the final stalk.
Hunting New Zealand Red stag deer at Manuka Point is in the traditional style, beginning with a hike to likely locations, followed by careful use of binoculars, followed by even more careful use of a good quality spotting scope.  Finally there is the slow and careful stalk to within a comfortable range for you, the hunter. Be alert for the old matriarch hind (female Red deer) for  should she get the slight suggestion that you and your hunting guide are up to ‘mischief’ she will bark and within a second or two the landscape will be devoid of all game.

Do you have any questions about hunting in New Zealand or at Manuka Point?

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