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Management for producing RECORD BOOK trophy bull Tahr is a simple science. Allow them to get plenty of age, and ensure their range is not over-stocked, causing competition for feed. In addition we hunt the most remote wilderness areas New Zealand has to offer.

A fully mature bull Tahr will stand as high as 42 ins. at the shoulder and have a body length of 70 ins. Live weight will likely be better than 250 lbs.

What is a trophy New Zealand Tahr?  Horn length is not easy when judging length of horn on a New Zealand Tahr, particularly if the bull Tahr is in full rut for his mane will stand up erect like an Elizabethan lace collar and conceal the Tahrs’ horn tips.  You’ll have to rely entirely on the knowledge and skill of your guide to judge the horn length.  You’ll be aware that the prime trophy aspect of an aged trophy bull Tahr is his unique and most distinctive mane.  The older the bull Tahr the further back towards the rump the mane will extend. Half close your eyes and if the mane appears to be better than three-quarters the length of the body set yourself up for a shot and listen to your guide while he assess horn length.

Hunting Tahr in New Zealand Southern Alps is a physical and mental challenge so make sure you are as fit as possible. Seek Don’s advice about a fitness programme and specialist gear you’ll need for your New Zealand alpine hunt.

NOTE: If Tahr and Chamois are your focal trophies, and you have decided in advance to have them full-body life-size mounted, be sure to arrange your hunt for New Zealand winter hunt dates (late April thru August) when the skins are winter prime.

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