Elk Hunting NZ


Here in New Zealand we call Elk, Wapiti. We understand ‘Wapiti’ is the native Indian word for white rump. Correct? We love to hunt Wapiti Elk.

Have you ever stood deep in a silent forest, in the pre-dawn darkness, when an Elk bull has bugled nearby? Did the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? You’ll never forget that moment, will you? We live for such hunting thrills, do we not?

Classic 6 x 6 or 7 x 7 – Wapiti Elk bulls are the largest of all the round horned male deer, standing at least five feet at the shoulder, with a body length of eight and a half feet, a live weight of seven hundred to one thousand pounds. Unlike the Red stag where the top tines of the antlers may crown with many points, sometimes more than a dozen, the antlers of a Wapiti Elk bull, as you know, have a very pre-prescribed form which doesn’t often deviate. Who can deny the exquisite symmetry of a classic 6 x 6 or 7 x 7 trophy bull wapiti?

What is a trophy Wapiti Elk? The simple answer is a set of antlers approaching 50 ins. in length and spread with a minimum of six (or more) matching points on each antler. As we have suggested when hunting Red stag, communicate with Don Patterson so he knows what your specific wishes are. Wapiti Elk hunting is traditional spot and stalk at Manuka Point Lodge.

No doubt, if you are a hunter living in the United States, you have hunted Elk, but if you are seeking to (say) complete the ‘Grand Slam of the South Pacific’, or add to your collection of round horned deer, you’ll need to seriously consider adding a New Zealand Wapiti Elk trophy to your hunting ‘Wish List’ when booking your Manuka Point Lodge hunt.

Do you have any questions about hunting in New Zealand or at Manuka Point?

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