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Like the Arapawa sheep the source and country of origin of the wild goats now free -range roaming parts of New Zealand is unknown. We know that our earliest explorers released the goats, for the same reason the sheep were released on Arapawa Island; that is the limit to our knowledge. Within relatively recent times goats were hunted for export of meat and also for their skins, for their numbers ‘exploded’ during World War Two.

The fascinating aspect of seeking a GOLD MEDAL trophy Billy Goat is the fact that there is a multitude of choices regarding colour of the pelage. When Goat hunting you’ll likely see pure white goats, black, various shades of grey and tan, OR mixtures of all these colours. Like most other species of male goats we hunt, Capra hircus has a distinctive beard.

When first sighted a trophy Billy Goat is a sight to behold, with the horns horizontal, the tip to tip measurement likely be in excess of 32ins, with each horn, measured around the twist. An eye-catching Manuka Point Lodge trophy when finally mounted and hanging on the wall of your trophy room and another species to be added to your ‘South Pacific Grand Slam’

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