New Beginnings

Greetings from Manuka Point Lodge.
With the end of the hunting season in the USA we mark the beginning of the a new season here in New Zealand.
The rub is now well underway and shed velvet is now visible across Manuka Point.

At this time of year we also see the end of another season, the crazy “hunting show season”. This year was fantastic with hunters flocking in mass to book their next big hunt at both the SCI event in Reno and the DSC event in Dallas.

Hunt well and talk soon.
Don Patterson

As always we had the pleasure of making some new friends arranging their first visit to Manuka Point Lodge. We also arranged the return of some old friends, one well known o’l cowboy in particular will be back to New Zealand this year to add to his long list of South Pacific trophy’s.


After careful consideration I decided to decline the four blonde males who requested an extended stay at the lodge. Despite their obvious enthusiasm for Red Stag’s we decided that their documents and ability to sign the necessary paperwork suggested their intentions were less than pure.