New Zealand Hunting Lodge


Out & About – With Ben Patterson. Ben and his bush plane are on call at short notice. Ben one of the most current experienced Southern Alps Commercial pilots, is able to fly you in his six seat bush plane; a Cessna 206 to no end of highlight locations in the South Island. Flights depart from Manuka Point’s private airfield!

  • Manuka Point Lodge charters the bush plane Cessna for you and your guide to access some of the more remote wilderness areas, for alpine hunts.
  • How about a scenic flight in Mt Cook National Park, along with stunning views of New Zealand’s tallest mountain (Mt Cook 12,220 ft), loftiest peaks (many over 10,000 ft) and longest glaciers!
  • Have you heard of the tourist hub of Queenstown, or the iconic location Milford Sound? The approach to Milford Sound is reputed to be one of the top five aerial approaches is the World. Once there you will be amazed at the grandeur.
  • You may be interested in flying to the coastal town of Kaikoura to enjoy an excursion out on the Pacific Ocean whale watching? That’s the day you’d be able to bring fresh-caught crayfish back to the lodge for Julie to prepare for your dinner.
  • And ladies, there’s tons of shopping to be had in the city of Christchurch City, Queenstown and many more local towns!