Hunting in New Zealand


It is a time-tested truism ‘that one picture is worth a thousand words’, so we invite you to 
take the time to view the landscape photos we have selected to provide you with an understanding of the terrain where you will hunt record class Red stagFallow buck, bull Tahr and Chamois.

Manuka Point is a 25,000 acre ‘V’ of land enveloping the Ragged Range with the Rakaia River to the south, the Mathias River to the north and the main divide of the Southern Alps to the west. The two main rivers have wide gravel beds, with meandering crystal clear waters running through, each feed by spring and summer snow melt and rains. Always in view are vast ice fields that summer heat never conquers.

Pristine is not a word we’ll use lightly in attempting to provide you with a ‘feel’ for the magic of Manuka Point and its surroundings. Silence and solitude begin to provide a sense of the location of this unique New Zealand hunting destination, with wilderness an immediate part of the blend. For indeed at Manuka Point Lodge you are in true wilderness, the only sign of civilization being the lodge and associated buildings and an occasional bush aircraft flying overhead.

Deer hunting; Out there in the silence and solitude roam Gold Medal trophy Red stag, silent and secretive until the rut begins and they defiantly ‘roar’ their challenges, breaking the silence of dawn and dusk. Stay on guard for wary Fallow deer close to their safe cover, the native Manuka and Beech forests.

Alpine hunting; Be alert and you’ll see the nimble Chamois pausing abreast a ridge, offering a fleeting few seconds for a shot, before bounding away. Watch the skyline for likely that will be your very first sight of a Gold Medal bull Tahr standing guard over his harem of females, the slight breeze rippling his unique blond mane.

Upon arriving at Manuka Point Lodge for his very first New Zealand hunt, prominent International hunter Major General Oliver L Peacock remarked:-

“I didn’t know places such as this existed in the world any more.”

Do you have any questions about hunting in New Zealand or at Manuka Point?

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